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Robert Haynes-Peterson

Seattle, WA

Robert Haynes-Peterson

Experienced editor and writer for websites and magazines. I primarily cover luxury lifestyle, wine, spirits, cocktails and travel.
Fast, efficient, professional.


The Best American Whiskey For Every Kind of Father (Who Likes Whiskey)

When I was a teen, sometimes I’d wake up at two in the morning and head downstairs. And there would be my dad, strumming his guitar and sipping on some Jack Daniel’s after the night shift. I found it comforting and inspiring. Later, I’d give my dad a nice bottle of whiskey each Father’s Day. Some he loved, and some didn’t measure up to Jack and Jim.
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Genever Isn’t Gin, but It Is Delicious

Not that you’ve been in a bar lately, but think back to the last time you were (or, you’ve almost certainly ventured out to a liquor store, that works too). Did you see a silvery bottle of Bols Genever on the shelf and wonder “What the heck is that?”. Did you think it was gin or something like gin?
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The Best Action Figures & Collectibles

These Action Figures Are So Cool, You'll Want To Collect Them All. The AskMen Acquire team thoroughly researches & reviews the best gear, services and staples for life. Even if you don’t cover your desk with a menagerie of superheroes, action figures, sculpts and trendy “pops,” you know someone who does.

Ethical Tequila

Ethical Drinking: The Issues You Need To Know About Tequila And Mezcal.
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The World's Most Desirable Cop Reveals The Secrets To Her Success

Q&A with Stephanie Beatriz of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" on Shakespeare, growing up Latino and faking "swagger."
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We Drank Bourbon With Mila Kunis. Be Jealous.

Who spent the afternoon chatting and drinking bourbon with actress Mila Kunis? Oh, that's right, I did.
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The Truth About Craft Spirits

Are craft spirits worth the money, or are they mostly just the work of savvy marketers?
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Luxury Outdoor Kitchens

Today's outdoor kitchens are more than just grilling stations.
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Hi-Tech Drinking

From high-end apps to rare whisky e-shops, welcome to Drinking 2.0
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Unfiltered Vodkas Rise in Popularity

Rather than distilling and filtering their vodkas to the point of sameness, a few brands are producing super-premium expressions with a surprising amount of character and, dare we say it, flavor.
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Top Sommeliers Uncork the Latest Trends :: Articles :: Vegas Magazine

Roundtable on wine trends with seven of Las Vegas's 11 CMS Master Wine Sommeliers.
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Liquor Brand Ambassadors

Liquor brand ambassador: dream job or a grueling liver killer?
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Robert Haynes-Peterson

Robert Haynes-Peterson: I am a writer and editor with over 10 years' experience on luxury lifestyle and lifestyle websites and magazines. I began editing a group of collectibles magazines, migrated to fashion trade, then to luxury fashion and lifestyle (both men's and women's). I've also done some paid photography, and regularly photograph my own articles.

Currently I cover wine, spirits and cocktails for a variety of sites and magazines, including AskMen.com, BC the Magazine, Accent Magazine, Vegas Magazine, IN New York, Fashion Forum Magazine, ModernMan.com and Beverage Media among others. I've also worked with Time Out New York, CBSLocal.com, HalogenLife.com and more in the past. I'm familiar with a variety of CMS platforms (Drupal, Wordpress, etc), and work easily with a broad range of senior editorial personalities. In general, I'm fast, efficient and accurate.

My goal as a writer is to find an informative, entertaining and conversational voice that matches the site's overall tone while welcoming rather than condescending to readers. As an editor I aim for an "invisible" approach where neither the writer nor reader can tell I had a hand in fine-tuning the end product. I also work well and closely with design departments and administrative departments to create a beautiful end product.